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Administrative Review Board

Administrative Review Board decisions are hosted on the OALJ Web site. They are accessible by:

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Benefits Review Board

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Employees' Compensation Appeals Board

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Office of Administrative Law Judges, Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals, and Board of Contract Appeals

For OALJ, BALCA, and BCA decisions issued since the fall of 2000, the Office of Administrative Law Judges posts decisions one business day after issuance, except that LHWCA decisions are posted five business days after issuance. These decisions are available on the DMS Search Page and other navigation pages by: Case Number

  • Name of Employer/Respondent/Defendent/Prosecuting Party
  • Name of Employee/Claimant/Complainant/Alien
  • Date of Decision

OALJ, ARB, BALCA, BCA and selected federal court decisions are also retrievable by Full-text searching.

OALJ, ARB, BALCA, BCA and selected federal court decisions are also categorized in case lists for certain subject matters for browsing. These case lists include legacy documents, and are therefore often more comprehensive in coverage of older decisions than the DMS system. For example, OALJ has a fairly comprehensive set of precedent decisions for whistleblower, OFCCP, DBA/SCA cases, WIA/JTPA/CETA, immigration, etc. These caselists include appellate decisions where available. The caselists, however, do not cover black lung or longshore cases. See the OALJ Law Library Directory page for links to pages containing these caselists.

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