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About e-Judication

e-Judication is an initiative of the Department of Labor's (DOL) adjudicatory agencies to integrate and improve computer and communications systems and business processes to make DOL's formal hearings and appeals more accessible and understandable for appellants, attorneys and other interested parties. The e-Judication team is in the process of charting a course for the next generation of case management. The lodestar of this effort is maintaining a citizen-centric service. Thus, e-Judication will strive to simplify the delivery of services, accelerate case processing, reduce costs, and streamline all aspects of communication (Government to Citizen, Government to Business, and Inter-Organizational).

The first phase of e-Judication is the establishment of a web portal providing an integrated point of entry to the DOL's adjudicatory agencies. The web portal provides an information gateway to legal research materials on relevant case law; statutes and regulations; answers to frequently asked questions; contact information; and information specifically for certain groups of persons who typically appear in adjudications before the DOL, such as claimants, attorneys, witnesses, and others.

In the coming months and years, e-Judication will introduce new services to the public, such as electronic service of decisions, methods for checking on the status of a case, and electronic filing of documents.

The following agencies are sponsors of the e-Judication initiative:

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