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Linda M. Springer


Qualifications Review Board Submission Timelines

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With this memorandum, I am implementing a 90-day deadline for submission of cases to the Qualifications Review Board (QRB). The current draft OPM Executive Resources Desk Guide encourages agencies to submit QRB cases (Criterion A and C) within 9 months after the SES vacancy announcement closes. In reality, OPM has traditionally accepted cases that are up to a year old and returned those over a year to be readvertised. The human capital management environment we are building today does not support these prolonged timeframes. Therefore, beginning 90 days from the date of this memorandum, OPM will require agencies to submit QRB cases within 90 days from the closing date of the announcement. The Desk Guide, which is under revision, will reflect this requirement.

For the next 90 days, OPM will continue to process QRB cases (Criterion A and C) that are less than one year from the closing date of the vacancy announcement. QRB cases that are not approved on first submission must be resubmitted no later than 60 days from the date the case is returned to the agency. OPM will determine, on a case-by-case basis, an appropriate adjustment for agencies to accommodate circumstances involving a QRB moratorium. Other exceptions will be very rare and must be requested prior to the 90 day timeframe.

Questions regarding this policy may be directed to Nancy Randa, Deputy Associate Director, Center for Leadership and Executive Resources Policy, at (202) 606-1642,, or Ileen Rogers, Chief, Leadership Development Group, at (202) 606-1578, Questions regarding implementation and specific QRB submissions may be directed to Diane Cochran, Deputy Associate Director, Center for Natural Resources at (202) 606-2464,, or Cathy Penn, Chief, Executive Resources Services Group, at (202) 606-2671,

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