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Newspaper and Current Periodcial Reading Room (Serial and Government Publications Division)
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About the Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room (Acerca de la sala de lectura)


Current periodicals: Approximately 70,000 titles are retained for 18 to 24 months. (Older materials are bound or on microfilm and stored in the Adams and Jefferson Buildings.)

Newspapers: Approximately 350 domestic and 1070 foreign titles are retained on a permanent basis. The collection includes loose papers, microfilm, microprint, and bound volumes. Most newspapers in non-Roman alphabets are not available in this reading room, but are in area studies reading rooms.

Government documents: The collection includes current serial publications of U.S. federal, state and local governments, foreign governments, and international organizations. It also includes the U.S. Federal Depository Collection (1993+), and the U.N. document collection (1945/46+).

These collections are all housed in closed stacks.

Room LM-133 in the James Madison Memorial Building (entrance on Independence Avenue, between First and Second Streets, S.E., Washington, DC 20540-5590).
HOURS: Mon, Wed, Thurs: 8:30 am to 9:30 pm (submit requests before 7:30 pm)

Tue, Fri, Sat: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (submit requests before 4:00 pm)

Closed federal holidays

Library of Congress Reader Registration photo ID card (may be obtained in room LM-140 of the Madison Building only).
Capitol South Station (Blue and Orange Lines), on the corner of 1st & C St., SE (see map)
On-street only, 2-hour limit
1. Complete a call slip.
2. Write only one title on each call slip. Multiple issues of the same title may be requested on the same call slip. 3. Select a desk in the study area and enter the number on the call slip,
4. Submit call slips at circulation desk,
5. The Library of Congress Reader Registration ID must be presented with each request.
6. To insure all readers an equal opportunity of service, each person may request a maximum of two to four titles at a time, depending on day, time, and workflow. See call slip maximums posted at the circulation desk.
7. Average delivery time 30-45 minutes. Materials will be delivered to your desk.
8. Items needed for further study may be placed on the RESERVE SHELF for three days (with a YELLOW bookmark reserve form).
1. Periodicals: Library of Congress Catalog.

Indexes: Consult reference librarian for most useful indexes in our reference collection or for indexes on microform, electronic research tools, or the Library of Congress Catalog.

2. Newspapers:
a. Newspapers Currently Received by the Library of Congress;
b. Chronological Index of Newspapers (US). 11 vols., 1801-1967;
c. Chronological Lists of US Newspapers in Microform... 1940-1989;
d. Check-List of Foreign Newspapers and Supplement;
e. 17th & 18th Century Foreign Newspapers;
f.  17th & 18th Century US Newspapers in the Library of Congress;
g.  Newspaper microfilm files at circulation desk.

Indexes: Bound subject indexes in the reference collection. Full text on ProQuest for some newspapers. See Full Text Journals & Newspapers Available Inside the Library for what is available.

3. Government Documents: Catalog of U.S. Government Documents (GPO on FirstSearch) ; Access UN. See also printed indexes in reference collection.

1. NO materials may be removed from the Reading Room.
2. From original material: Use copying machines in the Reading Room. (Note: Bound newspapers may not be photocopied).
3. From microfilm or microfiche: Microform copiers available in the Reading Room.
4. Copycard vending machine available in Reading Room.

1. Reference assistance via the Web (Ask a Librarian).
2. Reference assistance by voice mail: 202-707-5691 (newspapers, periodicals, government documents). Open 24 hrs. We try and answer all questions within 24 hrs.
3. Reference assistance is available in person in the Reading Room
4. Submit call slips and request help with malfunctioning copiers, printers, and computers at the circulation desk.

1. Please return periodicals, newspapers, and government documents to the designated areas in the Reading Room.
2. Please see other fact sheets for more information about a particular type of material in this Reading Room.
3. Printed author, title, and subject indexes to our reference collection are located on the consulting stand next to the reference collection.
4. It is a violation of Federal Law and punishable by fine and/or imprisonment to steal or willfully damage or destroy Library books or other Library property [18 but USC 641; 18 USC 1361; 18 USC 2071; 22 D.C. Code 3106].
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  July 21, 2005
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