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Smokeless…NOT Harmless

Smokeless Not Harmless—Understanding 
    World Marketing of Smokeless Tobacco

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Produced in 2002, Smokeless…NOT Harmless is a 5-minute video produced for the 3rd International Conference on Smokeless Tobacco. The video looks at the many tactics used to sell smokeless tobacco over the past century.


Video Transcript

With the allure of freedom, ruggedness, and the great outdoors, many brands use the backdrop of western ideology to increase sales among potential consumers. It worked. By showing people hunting, fishing, and playing sports, the deceptive practitioners of the marketing machine learned how to reach people of every nationality and gender. They no longer relied on the addictive nature of tobacco to sell products, but instead struck at the basic fiber of human nature, the ego. With terms such as bolder, stronger, and tougher, the industry uses psychology to combat scientific truth about smokeless tobacco.


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