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September 21, 2008    DOL > EBSA > Laws & Regulations > Public Comments

Public Comments

  • Fiduciary Requirements For Disclosure In Participant-Directed Individual Account Plans [View]

  • Reasonable Contract Or Arrangement Under Section 408(b)(2) Fee Disclosure Regulatory Initiative [View]

  • Model Notice Of Multiemployer Plan In Critical Status [View]

  • Amendment Of Regulation Relating To Definition Of "Plan Assets" [View]

  • Civil Penalties Under ERISA Section 502(c)(4) [View]

  • Proposed Class Exemption for Plan Fiduciaries When Plan Service Arrangements Fail to Comply with ERISA section 408(b)(2) [View]

  • Selection Of Annuity Providers For Individual Account Plans [View]

  • Multiemployer Pension Plan Information Made Available on Request [View]

  • Fee Disclosures To 401(k) Plan Participants [View]

  • Statutory Exemption For Cross-Trading Of Securities [View]

  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders Interim Final Rule [View]

  • Safe Harbor for Distributions to Missing Non-spouse Beneficiaries of Terminated Plans [View]

  • Investment Advice To Individual Retirement And Similar Plans [View]

  • Investment Advice To Participants In 401(k) Plans [View]

  • Supplemental Proposed Revision of Form 5500 Annual Return/Report [View]

  • Independence Of Employee Benefit Plan Accountants [View]

  • Default Investment Alternatives Under Participant Directed Individual Account Plans [View]

  • Form 5500 Revision [View]

  • Form 5500 Electronic Filing Requirements [View]

  • 2006 National Summit on Retirement Savings Request for Information [View]

  • Proposed Amendments To Voluntary Fiduciary Correction Program [View]

  • Termination Of Abandoned Individual Account Plans [View]

  • Proposed Annual Funding Notice for Multiemployer Defined Benefit Pension Plans [View]

  • Automatic Rollover Proposed Regulation [View]

  • Automatic Rollover Proposed Class Exemption [View]

  • EFAST Request For Comments [View]

  • COBRA Notice Requirements Proposed Regulations [View]

  • Automatic Rollovers Request for Information [View]

  • Blackout Notice Regulation Interim Final Rule [View]

Copies of public comments are also available upon request from EBSA's Public Disclosure Room.  Send requests for copies of documents to:

U.S. Department of Labor
Employee Benefits Security Administration
Public Disclosure Room
200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Suite N-1513
Washington, DC 20210
Tel 202.693.8673

Learn more about how to request documents from the Department of Labor in the EBSA publication How to Obtain Employee Benefit Documents from the Department of Labor.