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for the Blind
Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss
collage of three families FamilyConnect™
A new web site for parents of children with visual impairments
woman and her dad read together from a laptop AFB Senior Site®
Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss


Apple Adds Accessibility Features to iPod Nano and iTunes

Annual Helen Keller Achievement Awards Dinner to be Held on Wednesday, Oct 1 at the NY Marriott Marquis

Auction to Benefit AFB Offered Online for First Time Sept. 12 - Sept. 28: Fabulous Vacations, Gourmet Meals & Designer Fashion

AFB Commends Target's Decision to Make Web Site More Accessible to People with Vision Loss

FamilyConnect™ Named a "2008 Outstanding Product" in the iParenting Media Awards

Students Attend L'Occitane Workshop in Provence, France

American Foundation for the Blind Announces Call for Nominations for 2009 Migel Medals

American Foundation for the Blind Announces Call for Nominations for 2009 Access Awards

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