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Project Director
Antonino Catanzaro, MD Antonino Catanzaro, MD

Unit Directors
Shawn Harrity, MD, MSEd Curriculum Development
Shawn Harrity, MD, MSEd
Helene Hoffman, PhD Educational Technology
Helene Hoffman, PhD
Marguerite Jackson, PhD, RN Administrative
Marguerite Jackson, PhD, RN

Barbara Berkovich, B.S. Instructional Developer
Barbara Berkovich, B.S.
Helene Hoffman, PhD Webmistress
Daryl Cummings
Helene Hoffman, PhD Project Assistant
Laura Myhovich, B.A.

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Access to these products is SIMPLE, FAST, FREE, and requires ONLY that you create an account. The NTCC Product line includes Computerized Cases, Multimedia & Question Banks, Clinical Case Descriptions, and PowerPoint presentations developed by individual members.

The mission of the National Tuberculosis Curriculum Consortium (NTCC) is to instill knowledge, skills, and appropriate attitudes in the management and control of active and latent TB among undergraduate and graduate students (medical, nursing, pharmacy, public health, respiratory therapy, medical technology, physician assistant) in their formative years, as well as establish a foundation by which complex issues relating to TB can be continually revisited throughout the span of their careers.

The NTCC has developed an extensive offering of curricular materials that are available to educators, students, and healthcare professionals worldwide. These teaching and learning materials cover a wide range of important TB topics and offer a variety of training resources. The NTCC educational products including interactive computer-based clinical cases, resource banks, and other educational assets covering Tuberculosis.

NTCC partners with the Village Family Health Center as part of a cultural competency
project (4/08)  
SAHP's Latshaw helps develop new TB curricula (11/07) 
Student TB Survey results for 2005 published in BMC Public Health (8/07)  Read more...
MD/DO Competencies Published in IJTLD Journal (3/07) 

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