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in the Northwest Territories, Canada
2008/09/20 05:16:12 (UTC)
Preliminary Magnitude: 4.8
Latitude: 63.565 Longitude: -128.86
Location: in the Northwest Territories, Canada
188777  1

July 24 2008 20:50:08
WCATWC Product Change Effective February 12, 2008

WCATWC product definitions are changing to better align with other National Weather Service products and to provide more specific information regarding tsunami threat. The main change is to the Tsunami Advisory. Previously, a Tsunami Advisory indicated that a Tsunami Warning or Watch had been issued for another section of the ocean coast. As of February 12 2008, WCATWC Tsunami Advisories will be considered a low-level tsunami threat and indicate that a moderate tsunami impact is possible. No significant inundation is expected for areas under advisory, but strong currents dangerous to those in or very near the ocean are possible.

Further information on WCATWC products is provided at wcatwc.arh.noaa.gov/Products/msgdefs.htm. The NWS Service Change Notice explaining the change can be viewed at www.nws.noaa.gov/om/notification/scn07-51ccatsunami.txt.

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