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The primary goals of this project are to allow extramural access to cDNA arrays of the NIA mouse and human clone collections, prompt the use of DNA array technology by reducing the unit cost per array to an easily affordable price, employ scientific methodology that can be widely used in the scienticifc community, and maintain and monitor a high quality to insure reproducible and reliable experimental results.

cDNA arrays and related types of array technologies have been demontrated to be broadly useful tools in gene expression analysis in both basic science and clinical applications. These tools allow parallel gene expression studies of multiple tissues of thousands to tens of thousands of genes. This allows experimental programs to be undertaken which involve increasingly more complex model systems and disease states. Biological resources currently in the National Institute on Aging can be maximized to permit efficient use of cDNA clone collections, array resources, and cDNA array expertise, in addressing NIA extramural needs for cDNA arrays. Allowing greater low cost access to genomic technologies will enhance the mission of the NIA and enable extramural aging studies to more easily integrate into the field of genomics.

  • Principal Investigator: Alan Scott, Ph.D.
  • Microarray Facility Manager: David Mohr
  • Microarray Facility Staff: Sikha Singh

CURRENT ARRAYS BEING PRODUCED: m17K mouse cDNA arrays. Click here for a brief overview of our array, in Powerpoint format.

HUMAN cDNA arrays are now available!

All arrays are now only $50

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