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Programs For Assistance Type Of Guaranteed/Insured Loans
CFDA# Agency Program Title
10.405 USDA Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants
10.406 USDA Farm Operating Loans
10.407 USDA Farm Ownership Loans
10.410 USDA Very Low to Moderate Income Housing Loans
10.437 USDA Interest Assistance Program
10.438 USDA Section 538 Rural Rental Housing Guaranteed Loans
10.760 USDA Water and Waste Disposal Systems for Rural Communities
10.766 USDA Community Facilities Loans and Grants
10.768 USDA Business and Industry Loans
10.774 USDA National Sheep Industry Improvement Center
10.775 USDA Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Program
10.851 USDA Rural Telephone Loans and Loan Guarantees
10.860 USDA Rural Business Investment Program
10.886 USDA Rural Broadband Access Loans and Loan Guarantees
14.103 HUD Interest Reduction Payments_Rental and Cooperative Housing for Lower Income Families
14.108 HUD Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance
14.110 HUD Manufactured Home Loan Insurance_Financing Purchase of Manufactured Homes as Principal Residences of Borrowers
14.112 HUD Mortgage Insurance for Construction or Substantial Rehabilitation of Condominium Projects
14.117 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Homes
14.119 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Homes for Disaster Victims
14.122 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Homes in Urban Renewal Areas
14.123 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Housing in Older, Declining Areas
14.126 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Cooperative Projects
14.127 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Manufactured Home Parks
14.128 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Hospitals
14.129 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Nursing Homes, Intermediate Care Facilities, Board and Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities
14.133 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Purchase of Units in Condominiums
14.134 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Rental Housing
14.135 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Rental and Cooperative Housing for Moderate Income Families and Elderly, Market Interest Rate
14.138 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Rental Housing for the Elderly
14.139 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Rental Housing in Urban Renewal Areas
14.142 HUD Property Improvement Loan Insurance for Improving All Existing Structures and Building of New Nonresidential Structures
14.151 HUD Supplemental Loan Insurance_Multifamily Rental Housing
14.155 HUD Mortgage Insurance for the Purchase or Refinancing of Existing Multifamily Housing Projects
14.159 HUD Section 245 Graduated Payment Mortgage Program
14.162 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Combination and Manufactured Home Lot Loans
14.163 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Single Family Cooperative Housing
14.167 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Two Year Operating Loss Loans, Section 223(d)
14.172 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Growing Equity Mortgages
14.175 HUD Adjustable Rate Mortgages
14.183 HUD Home Equity Conversion Mortgages
14.184 HUD Mortgages Insurance for Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Projects
14.188 HUD Housing Finance Agencies (HFA) Risk Sharing
14.189 HUD Qualified Participating Entities (QPE) Risk Sharing
14.248 HUD Community Development Block Grants_Section 108 Loan Guarantees
14.865 HUD Public and Indian Housing_Indian Loan Guarantee Program
14.869 HUD Title VI Federal Guarantees for Financing Tribal Housing Activities
14.874 HUD Loan Guarantees for Native Hawaiian Housing
15.124 DOI Indian Loans_Economic Development
20.802 DOT Federal Ship Financing Guarantees
59.008 SBA Disaster Assistance Loans
59.011 SBA Small Business Investment Companies
59.012 SBA 7(a) Loan Guarantees
59.041 SBA 504 Certified Development Loans
59.049 SBA Small Disadvantaged Businesses
59.051 SBA New Markets Venture Capital Program
59.054 SBA 7(a)Export Loan Guarantees
64.114 VA Veterans Housing_Guaranteed and Insured Loans
64.119 VA Veterans Housing_Manufactured Home Loans
70.002 OPIC Foreign Investment Financing
81.126 DOE Federal Loan Guarantees for Innovative Energy Technologies
84.032 ED Federal Family Education Loans

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