Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance - Programs Requiring E.O. 12372 Review
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Agriculture (7 Sub-Categories)
Business And Commerce (9 Sub-Categories)
Community Development (11 Sub-Categories)
Consumer Protection (3 Sub-Categories)
Cultural Affairs (2 Sub-Categories)
Disaster Prevention And Relief (4 Sub-Categories)
Education (23 Sub-Categories)
Employment, Labor, And Training (11 Sub-Categories)
Energy (6 Sub-Categories)
Environment Quality (6 Sub-Categories)
Food And Nutrition (4 Sub-Categories)
Health (21 Sub-Categories)
Housing (12 Sub-Categories)
Income Security And Social Services (19 Sub-Categories)
Information And Statistics (4 Sub-Categories)
Law, Justice, And Legal Services (9 Sub-Categories)
Natural Resources (7 Sub-Categories)
Regional Development (9 Sub-Categories)
Science And Technology (3 Sub-Categories)
Transportation (5 Sub-Categories)

General Services Administration
Office of the Chief Acquisition Officer
Regulatory and Federal Assistance Division (VIR)