Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance - Grants
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Steps of the Grant Process
1 Find a grant program from Grant Categories at right. 
(Note: please read the grant to see if you are eligible) 

2 Check for special projects and funding opportunities.
Federal Business Opportunities 

3 Apply for the grant.

Other Links of the Grant Process
Payment Management System
Automated Standard Application for Payment
Federal Assistance Award Data System
Federal Audit Clearinghouse
OMB Grants Management Page
Interagency Edison
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Grant Categories
Agriculture (7 Sub-Categories)
Business And Commerce (9 Sub-Categories)
Community Development (11 Sub-Categories)
Consumer Protection (3 Sub-Categories)
Cultural Affairs (2 Sub-Categories)
Disaster Prevention And Relief (4 Sub-Categories)
Education (23 Sub-Categories)
Employment, Labor, And Training (11 Sub-Categories)
Energy (6 Sub-Categories)
Environment Quality (6 Sub-Categories)
Food And Nutrition (4 Sub-Categories)
Health (21 Sub-Categories)
Housing (12 Sub-Categories)
Income Security And Social Services (19 Sub-Categories)
Information And Statistics (4 Sub-Categories)
Law, Justice, And Legal Services (9 Sub-Categories)
Natural Resources (7 Sub-Categories)
Regional Development (9 Sub-Categories)
Science And Technology (3 Sub-Categories)
Transportation (5 Sub-Categories)

General Services Administration
Office of Chief Acquisition Officer
Regulatory and Federal Assistance Division (VIR)