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Templates for Your Business

Download templates and get SCORE advice. To download, click on the link and choose “Save this file to disk”. Save the templates to a desired folder on your hard drive.

You can open the file from the Web by double-clicking the file names. You can save these templates as Word documents (.doc), Excel spreadsheets (.xls) or PDFs (.pdf).

Business Plan for a Start-up Business
Word  |  PDF
Business Plan for an Established Business
Word  |  PDF
Business Planning Tools for Nonprofit
Balance Sheet (Projected)

Excel  |  PDF

Bank Loan Request for Small Business
Word  |  PDF
Breakeven Analysis
Excel  |  PDF
Cash Flow Statement (12 Months)

Excel  |  PDF

Cash Flow Statement (4 Years)

Excel  |  PDF
Provided by Real Easy Books.

Competitive Analysis
Word  |  PDF
Financial Forecast
Provided by ActivePlans.
Financial History & Ratios
Excel  |  PDF
Loan Amortization Schedule
Excel  |  PDF   
Povided by Microsoft Office Online.
Opening Day Balance Sheet
Excel  |  PDF
Personal Financial Statement
Excel  |  PDF
Profit and Loss Projection (12 Months)

Excel  |  PDF

Profit and Loss Projection (3 Years)

Excel  |  PDF

Sales Forecast (12 Months)
Excel  |  PDF
Start-Up Expenses
Excel  |  PDF
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Thanks to Seattle SCORE
Special thanks to the Seattle SCORE Chapter for developing these user-friendly planning templates.