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Your earnings as a farm worker

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Most farm workers are "covered" by Social Security. This means that Social Security and Medicare taxes must be paid on their earnings.

If you are a farm worker, you are considered "covered" by Social Security if:

  • your employer pays you $150 or more in cash wages during the calendar year for farm work; or

  • you are paid less than $150 in cash wages, but your employer's total expenses for agricultural labor are $2,500 or more for the year.

However, if you are a seasonal hand-harvest worker who:

  • commutes to work daily from your home,
  • is paid on a piece-rate basis, and
  • does less than 13 weeks of farm work during the year,

your work is "covered" by Social Security only if you are paid at least $150 in cash for the job.

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Last reviewed or modified Friday Sep 12, 2008
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