Shelikof Strait FOCI PI Workshop

July 28-29, 1997

WASC Conference Room
NOAA Western Regional Center
Seattle, Washington


Monday, July 28
WHERE ARE WE HEADED (Presentations with question period)
0830 Introductions and Charge Kendall, Schumacher
0900 Forecast products Hollowed
PRESENT STATUS (Presentations with question period)
0930 Present forecast, method Megrey
1000 B R E A K  
1030 SPEM/IBM model Hermann, Hinckley
1100 Monitoring Napp, Stabeno
1130 Process studies Bailey, Schumacher
1200 L U N C H  
DISCUSSION (Group discussions with facilitators)
1300 Scales of processes Overland, Napp
1400 Juveniles Brodeur, Kendall
1500 Turbulence Bailey, Stabeno
1600 A D J O U R N  
Tuesday, July 29    
0900 Eddies

Schumacher, Brodeur

1000 Monitoring Napp, Stabeno
1100 B R E A K  
1130 Modeling Hinckley, Hermann
1230 L U N C H   
1330 Forecasting recruitment Megrey, Macklin
PLANNING (Group discussion with facilitators)
1430 Monitoring  Bailey, Stabeno 
1500 Process studies  Schumacher, Napp 
1530 Modeling  Hermann, Hinckley 
1600 Forecasting  Megrey, Macklin 
1630 A D J O U R N