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33rd International Public ICANN Meeting - 2 - 7 November - Cairo, Egypt


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Second Public Comments Period Begins on Improving Institutional Confidence in ICANN
The Improving Institutional Confidence in ICANN consultation has entered a second public comment period that will run until Monday, 20 October 2008. 19 SEP 08

> Application Round Opens for Mexico City Meeting Fellowships 18 SEP 08
> #1 Domain Names International/ Transfers Domains to Tucows 18 SEP 08
> Fast Track Final Report Published with Public Comment 17 SEP 08
> RFP for Independent Review of SSAC Posted 16 SEP 08

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Improving Institutional Confidence

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> Regional consultative meetings
(registration now open for Washington)
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More than two years ago, the President’s Strategy Committee (PSC) commenced a series of consultations on how to strengthen and complete the ICANN multi-stakeholder model. In addition, the recent Midterm Review of the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) between the United States Department of Commerce and ICANN produced useful comments about ICANN’s performance and future.

Most commentators in that consultation believe ICANN has made significant progress, but that some key areas need to be improved in order to complete the transition to an agreed model of multi-stakeholder coordination of the Internet’s unique identifiers.

The PSC has developed three papers that outline those key areas and possible responses to address them. These documents and the proposals contained in them were discussed at the Paris meeting in June (view the summary/analysis of the meeting input), and a public comment period opened on them (see the summary/analysis of input). A timetable for the process has been outlined, including a series of regional consultative meetings, and a dedicated webpage launched to provide the community with all the information it needs, including regular updates as the process develops.


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> Improving Institutional Confidence

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> Cairo (2-7 Nov 08)
> Mexico City (1-6 Mar 09)
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> Paris (22-26 Jun 08)
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> Dubai (1-3 Apr 08)
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Public comment periodsPublic Comment Periods
Documents currently out for review

There are a number of documents out for public review and comment at the moment. Plus several public comment periods have closed in the past month, and in many cases a summary and analysis of your input has been prepared and posted.

Open at the moment is the final report from the independent ALAC reviewers - an opportunity to help define how the Internet users' representative body will be structured into the future. The comment period closes 12 September.

Then there is the SSAC review terms of reference, representing the first stage in the review of the security and stability advisory committee. It closes 5 September. And also an Auction for new gTLDs comment period where a report provides the economic case for using auctions to decide who should have a new generic top-level domain in the event of a dispute. Closes 7 September.

Just follow the links, read the materials and click "add comment" to send ICANN your thoughts. All public comment periods, including closed forums, can be found at


AccountabilityFocus on Accountability
Mechanisms through which the community can review ICANN's work

If you are interested in the various mechanisms by which ICANN remains accountable, and way in which we make our processes transparent, please review the Frameworks and Principles on Accountability and Transparency [pdf].

The issue of further improving accountability will also be a topic of discussion over the course of 2008, in relation to the conclusion of the Joint Project Agreement (see above). With respect to that there is a "Next Steps" document (more info).

Read all about it! Newsletters and magazines

ICANN August magazine See the August edition of the ICANN magazine. It includes: Board decisions, policy updates, information on the fellows program and much more...
Compliance August newsletterThe Compliance August newsletter is out. It provides up-to-date statistics, advisories, and other information on ICANN's compliance program.

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