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EYE on OIG - July 11, 2007

Contents: Eye on OIG

Office of Investigations Highlights
Daughter Fraudulently Receives $79,509 of Deceased Mother's Benefits

Our San Francisco office recently opened an investigation based on a request for assistance from the City of Davis, California Police Department. The investigation revealed that a 49-year-old Davis resident received her mother's Social Security retirement benefits from her mother's death in 1992 until February 2002.

Our investigation revealed that the last verifiable contact information for the woman's mother was in Costa Rica, based on a letter she mailed in 1992. Through subsequent investigation and interviews, we located the beneficiary's son, who confirmed his mother's death. When confronted with her brother's statement, the woman admitted to concealing her mother's death and fraudulently receiving $79,509 in Social Security benefits. In November 2006, after pleading guilty to theft of Government property, the woman was sentenced to 27 months' incarceration and 36 months' probation, and was ordered to pay full restitution to SSA.

General Contractor Conceals Work Activity to Receive Disability Benefits

Agents in our Omaha, Nebraska office conducted an investigation based on an allegation from the Omaha SSA office that a Title II disability beneficiary was concealing self-employment income from SSA. Our investigation revealed that the man was working as a general contractor, remodeling homes and repairing roofs and siding.

The investigation further showed that he was the owner and administrator of a residential care facility. The man was paid in cash and used his wife, and a second corporation, to conceal monies he received. He pled guilty to having knowledge of an event affecting benefits, and was sentenced in November 2006 to 5 years' probation and 6 months' home confinement, and was ordered to pay restitution of $60,197 to SSA.

Couple Sent to Prison for Defrauding Banks and Credit Card Companies of $2 Million

Agents from our Seattle, Washington office conducted an investigation of a husband and wife who created multiple identities in order to commit bank and credit card fraud. We determined that they used fraudulent immigration documents and driver's licenses to obtain Social Security numbers (SSN) in numerous identities, and then used these identities to establish lines of credit. They opened bank accounts, and deposited checks that were drawn on closed accounts, or on accounts with insufficient funds. They then withdrew the funds before the checks were returned as uncollectible. In addition, they used the fraudulently obtained credit cards to make purchases of expensive items, which they then returned for cash.

Both husband and wife pled guilty to bank fraud and were sentenced in October 2006 to prison terms and restitution. The wife was sentenced to 46 months' incarceration and 5 years' probation. The husband was sentenced to 63 months' incarceration and 5 years' probation. In addition, they were ordered to pay restitution of $2,153,637 to 20 financial institutions, and were ordered to forfeit 60 pieces of property purchased with illegally obtained funds.

Woman Creates False Identities to Defraud Federal Agencies

The Cleveland, Illinois SSA office referred an anonymous complaint to our Chicago office regarding a woman allegedly working while receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Our investigation revealed that the woman had fraudulently obtained two SSNs to create false identities. The woman used one identity to conceal from SSA her employment as a truck driver in order to receive more than $101,000 in SSI payments. She used the second fraudulent identity to purchase rental property in the Cleveland area and to obtain Section 8 payments as a landlord. She fraudulently received more than $19,000 in Section 8 funds.

As a result of our investigation, the woman pled guilty to multiple charges, including Social Security fraud and possession of false identification documents. In November 2006, she was sentenced to 41 months' incarceration, and was ordered to pay restitution of $120,163 to SSA and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Office of the Chief Counsel Highlights

Employer Pays $50,000 Penalty after Conspiring to Conceal Employee's Wages

The Office of the Chief Counsel to the Inspector General (OCCIG) pursued a civil monetary penalty (CMP) against a company owner who actively concealed wages paid to a man who was collecting Social Security disability benefits. The employee wanted to continue receiving disability benefits in spite of returning to work. To facilitate this, his employer agreed to report the majority of the employee's earnings on his wife's earnings record. The wife reported the fraud to SSA when she and her husband divorced. SSA determined that the husband received $23,000 in disability benefits to which he was not entitled. He was subsequently prosecuted in a criminal case and was ordered to make full restitution to SSA.

OCCIG pursued this CMP based on the fraudulent quarterly wage reports that the employer submitted for 2002 through the first quarter of 2005 to the wife's earnings record. The employer entered into a settlement agreement and paid a penalty of $50,000 in March 2007.

Office of Audit Highlights

Organizational Review of the Office of Disability and Income Security Programs
(View Report A-12-07-27162)

In March 2007, the Commissioner of Social Security requested that we conduct a review of the organizational structure and functions of the Office of Disability and Income Security Programs (ODISP). ODISP is the SSA component that directs and manages the planning, development, issuance of operational regulations, standards and instructions for the OASDI, SSI, and international programs.

We interviewed 112 ODISP employees (17 percent) as well as a number of employees in other SSA components, and reviewed documentation related to ODISP's organizational structure and functions. We found that ODISP is not focused solely on planning and program policy issues, but is also responsible for several operational functions. We found that some ODISP functions may be better aligned to improve coordination and productivity, while other functions appear to be inconsistent with ODISP's mission and may be managed better elsewhere in SSA. In addition, our interviews with ODISP's employees and several of ODISP's customers revealed a consistent theme of poor communication within ODISP and with other SSA components.

SSA may be better served from a functional point of view if ODISP's main focus were program policy. The Agency generally agreed with our recommendations to:

Blue bullet Re-direct ODISP's focus to program policy.
Blue bullet Align similar/related functions within ODISP.
Blue bullet Delineate more clearly the role of ODISP with respect to other components.
Blue bullet Improve communications within ODISP and other components.
Blue bullet Consider renaming ODISP and SSA's Office of Policy to clarify the roles of each component, or combining ODISP with the Office of Policy.

Accountability Over Duplicate Payments, Equipment and Records in the Gulf Coast Hurricane Recovery Area (View Report A-06-06-26137)

                              Gulf Coast Hurricane Recovery Area

In this audit, we 1) reviewed SSA's process for identifying and collecting overpayments resulting from duplicate payments issued during the recovery period after the Gulf Coast hurricanes; and 2) assessed whether SSA safeguarded equipment and records disposed of after the storms.

Because of the widespread need to serve beneficiaries affected by the hurricanes, SSA modified its procedures for issuing immediate payments, or third-party drafts (TPD). SSA issued 110,512 TPDs nationwide from August 31 - October 31, 2005. Recipients who did not receive a monthly payment, either by mail or electronic deposit, were instructed to go to any open SSA office to obtain a TPD check. We found that SSA was proactive in ensuring that benefits continued uninterrupted, and was diligent in processing immediate payments.

In November 2005, SSA began to reconcile all TPDs to ensure that they were accounted for and correctly recorded. This process identified 1,597 payments totaling $1,231,848 that were not initially detected because of input errors. SSA mailed OASDI overpayment notices to beneficiaries, and plans to collect SSI overpayments from future payments. SSA agreed with our recommendation that they document the process for identifying and reconciling duplicate immediate payments, and incorporate these procedures in future disaster recovery efforts.

We also assessed whether SSA adequately safeguarded equipment and records disposed of after the storm. Numerous SSA facilities, records, and computer equipment in the Atlanta and Dallas Regions were damaged by floodwaters and had to be destroyed. SSA worked with General Services Administration contractors in the destruction and disposal of 247 computers and approximately 47,650 claimant files.

We found that SSA generally followed policies and procedures in the disposition of equipment. SSA contracted with two companies to shred claimant files that were damaged. However, we learned that one company transferred files multiple times before they were destroyed, compromising the integrity of the records. We also learned that some employees that had undergone background checks were not the individuals who ultimately shredded the documents. Finally, neither SSA employees nor approved personnel were present to verify the final destruction of the files.

SSA agreed with our recommendations that when records containing personally identifiable information are destroyed, SSA needs to ensure that Agency policies and procedures are explicitly stated in vendor contracts; it is clear as to who will be performing the work; all contractor personnel undergo background checks; and approved personnel are present during the destruction of SSA records.

Supplemental Security Income Payments Mailed to Field Office Addresses (View Report A-06-06-26140)

We conducted this audit to determine whether SSA has complied with the policies and procedures governing SSI payments mailed to SSA field office (FO) addresses. SSA authorizes recipients to use FO addresses to receive payments as a last resort, i.e., a recipient does not have a fixed home or mailing address. SSA policy provides that when an FO authorizes use of the FO mailing address, the manager must maintain records of check receipt and distribution, and must follow recordkeeping and check-handling procedures.

In June 2006, we identified 3,224 SSI recipients who used FOs as their mailing address. We visited eight FOs to assess compliance with policies and procedures, and while SSA had adequate policies to control receipt and distribution of SSI checks, we notes instances of noncompliance. All eight FOs admitted that they accommodated recipients who did not meet the address of last resort guidelines. We also found instances of incomplete recordkeeping, and further found that none of the FOs returned undistributed checks to the Department of the Treasury after 7 business days as required. FO personnel indicated the delay in returning the checks avoided the administrative burden of processing returns and issuing replacement checks.

SSA agreed with our recommendations to reevaluate current policies and consider expanding the circumstances under which a FO mailing address can be used; ensure that checks are returned to the Department of the Treasury as required, or revise the policy consistent with sound management practices; and provide refresher training on the use of FO mailing addresses.

SSI Recipients Eligible as Disabled Adult Children under the Old-Age Survivors and Disability Insurance (OASDI) Program (View Report A-13-07-17073)

Individuals who receive SSI payments may also be eligible for benefits as disabled adult children (DAC) under the OASDI program if they were disabled before age 22; are not entitled to a higher OASDI benefit based on their own work; and have a parent who is receiving OASDI benefits or who was insured at the time of death. SSA policy provides that an SSI application is also considered to be an application for OASDI benefits. We conducted this review to determine if SSI recipients who previously received DAC benefits were eligible for additional OASDI benefits.

After examining data extracts from SSA records and applying additional screening requirements, we found 5,908 individuals who were receiving SSI payments as of August 2006 and appeared to be eligible for OASDI benefits. We randomly selected 200 cases for review, and found that 137 appeared to be eligible for additional OASDI benefits. Of the 137 cases, we selected 10 to assess their OASDI and SSI payments, and determined that they were due underpayments of approximately $114,000, which represented an average net monthly payment increase of about $310. Based on our sample findings, we believe that 4,047 of the 5,908 SSI recipients we identified could be eligible for additional OASDI benefits.

SSA agreed with our recommendations to determine whether the 5,908 identified SSI recipients are eligible for OASDI benefits; calculate any underpayments due them; and evaluate ongoing internal efforts to further identify potentially eligible individuals.

Around OIG

OIG Officials Testify Before Congress

On June 7, 2007, Assistant Inspector General for Audit Steven L. Schaeffer testified before the House of Representatives' Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Social Security at a hearing on employment eligibility verification systems. AIG Schaeffer briefed the Subcommittee and answered questions regarding the OIG's efforts to ensure accurate wage reporting and minimize SSN misuse, and ensure that employer verification systems are accurate and secure. Click here to read the full text of Steve Schaeffer's Statement for the Record.

On June 21, 2007, Inspector General Patrick P. O'Carroll, Jr. testified before the House of Representatives' Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Social Security at a hearing on protecting the Social Security number (SSN) from identity theft. IG O'Carroll was invited to testify on a panel which also included officials from the Federal Trade Commission and the Government Accountability Office. The Inspector General briefed the Subcommittee and answered questions regarding the OIG's efforts to prevent SSN misuse and maintain and improve SSN integrity. Click here to read the full text of the Inspector General's Statement for the Record.

OIG Managers' Meeting 2007IG and Deputy IG at the Managers' Meeting

The annual OIG Managers' Meeting was held at OIG Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland the week of May 14 - 18, 2007.

The Office of Audit (OA) and Office of Investigations (OI) held separate planning sessions during the week. On May 14 and 15, OA held its annual Mission-Critical Work Planning session. OA plans to begin 104 audits and complete 102 audits during FY 2008. OI managers met on May 15 and 17; topics for discussion included joint investigative operations, Electronic Crimes Team investigations, and administrative and training issues. In addition, SSA's Marty Hansen and Sandra Sidlovsky briefed OI managers on the role of SSA's Office of Quality Performance.

On Wednesday, May 16, OA and OI were joined by the Offices of Resource Management and the Chief Counsel for the OIG Managers' Meeting. Commissioner of Social Security Michael Astrue opened the meeting with some welcoming remarks. Inspector General Patrick P. O'Carroll, Jr. and Deputy Inspector General James Kissko then addressed the managers regarding the previous year's accomplishments as well as current and future issues of concern facing the organization.

Later in the day, Assistant Inspector General for Resource Management Stephanie Hall and Chief Counsel Kathy Buller led a panel discussion on the new Performance Assessment and Communication System, and OA presented its Fiscal Year 2008 Audit Plan. The Managers' Meeting ended with an awards ceremony, at which the Inspector General presented the 2007 Inspector General's Awards and the 2007 Executive Recognition Awards (details below).

2007 Inspector General's Awards

IG Speaking at Managers' Meeting
We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2007 Inspector General's Award. This award is presented each year to individuals and teams whose contributions and accomplishments have had a significant, positive impact on OIG's ability to achieve its goals and objectives. All of these awardees have demonstrated an exceptional level of accomplishment and are worthy of the high commendation this award confers.

The individual awardees are:

Joscelyn N. Funnié - Office of the Chief Counsel to the Inspector General - Ms. Funnié is recognized for her exceptional legal work during Fiscal Year (FY) 2006 in the area of Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) cases. As the top CMP producer in her office, she was responsible for the imposition of $1,012,358 in penalties. She is also recognized for the expert guidance she provides to OIG managers on work-related legal issues.

Cassandra L. Hall - Office of Audit, Policy Planning and Technical Services Division - Ms. Hall is recognized for her effective administration of the Office of Audit's budget and her continued exceptional management of administrative operations. Ms. Hall manages budgets totaling $1.15 million in travel, training, and procurement, and she provides overall administrative management of records for more than 50 headquarters employees.

Brian J. Knode - Office of Resource Management, Information Technology Division - Mr. Knode is recognized for his exemplary efforts in the planning, design, training, and operations of the new OIG Multimedia Center. He worked closely with vendors and the SSA Facilities Team to ensure the Center was truly state-of-the-art, and he continues to serve as the primary Multimedia Center coordinator and technical consultant.

Wayland H. Quon - Office of Investigations, Los Angeles Field Division, Los Angeles Office - Special Agent Quon is recognized for his outstanding investigative work during FY 2006. He led the Los Angeles Office during this time period, closing 36 cases, making 29 arrests, recording 23 sentencings/convictions, and reporting $1,085,305 in SSA savings and recoveries.

Edward E. Reilly - Office of Investigations, Enforcement Operations Division - Mr. Reilly is recognized for his exemplary efforts to improve the reporting abilities of OIG's National Investigative Case Management System (NICMS). Over the past 15 months, he worked tirelessly to improve the reporting abilities of NICMS. His efforts provided OI more accurate and timely tools to measure progress towards achieving investigative goals and objectives.

Steven N. Sachs - Office of Audit, Financial Audit Division - Mr. Sachs is recognized for his outstanding leadership of three important audits during FY 2006. As Auditor-in-Charge of the Administrative Costs Claimed by the District of Columbia Disability Determination Services audit, the follow-up on the Internal Controls Over the Processing of Social Security Number Cards audit, and a spin-off audit to review SSA's oversight of its Presort Mail contract, Mr. Sachs planned, conducted, and reported audit results in a professional and ethical manner, and was instrumental in helping the Office of Audit meet its FY 2006 goals.

The team awardees are:

Government Pension Offset (GPO) Audit Team - James J. Klein, Joseph I. Robleto, Timothy E. Meinholz (Office of Audit, San Francisco Audit Division) - This award is given in recognition of the team's efforts to identify individuals estimated to receive spousal benefits to which they may not be entitled. The GPO Exemption for Texas School Districts' Employees audit identified an estimated $2.5 billion potential abuse of the last day of employment exemption of GPO.

Threats and Assaults in the SSA Workplace Training Team - John F. Grasso, Scott E. Johnson (Office of Investigations, New York Field Division, New York Office); Sharon B. MacDermott (Office of Investigations, New York Field Division, Iselin Office); Stephen J. Petro (Office of Investigations, New York Field Division, Batavia Office); Thomas B. McMahon, Vito A. Delgorio, Bertha Sharret (SSA, New York Regional Office) - This award is given in recognition of the collaborative effort between OIG and the SSA New York Regional Office in researching, designing, and creating an informative presentation entitled "Threats and Assaults in the SSA Workplace." This resource presentation provided SSA New York management staff with valuable training to develop strategies for minimizing the risk of becoming a crime victim in the workplace.

2007 Executive Recognition Awards

This year marks the first year for a new high-level monetary award-the OIG Executive Recognition Award. This award recognizes exceptional or outstanding team achievements and contributions to OIG's objectives. Seven teams comprised of 46 employees were selected to receive this award.

Computer Matching Act Streamlining/Federal Employees Compensation Act Audit and Investigation Team - Jonathan L. Lasher, Amy G. Thompson, Judith A. Ringle (Office of the Chief Counsel to the Inspector General); Margaret A. Moore-Jackson (Office of Investigations, Strategic Enforcement Division); Nancy L. Daniels (formerly Office of Investigations, Strategic Enforcement Division, currently with SSA's Office of Quality Performance); Victoria L. Vetter, Brian K. Karpe, Ronald E. Anderson (Office of Audit, Financial Audit Division) - The team recognized the increasing difficulties posed by the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act (CMPPA), delaying audits and investigations to the point where projects would not be undertaken. Using the Federal Employees Compensation Act audit/investigation project as a vehicle, the team initiated discussions with relevant SSA officials, resulting in a streamlined and accelerated process for OIG-related CMPPA agreements, and paving the way for OIG to pursue projects that might otherwise have been abandoned.

Vernon Sukumu Investigative Team - Sarah E. Miller (Office of Investigations, Los Angeles Field Division); Jack H. Trudel, James A. Sippel (Office of Audit, San Francisco Audit Division) - The team's outstanding efforts and cross-component cooperation were instrumental to the investigation of an organizational representative payee who misappropriated over $748,000 in benefits. The suspect pled guilty to grand theft in August 2006 and was sentenced to 16 months' incarceration and ordered to pay restitution of $748,066 to SSA.

Performance Assessment and Communications System (PACS) Implementation Team - Ellen M. Schwartz, Sandra R. Moffet, Mary C. Hipsley, Rosita G. Acevedo (Office of Resource Management, Human Resources Division); Robert L. Meekins (Office of Resource Management); Sally M. Zeller (Immediate Office of the Inspector General); Amy G. Thompson (Office of the Chief Counsel to the Inspector General); Walter E. Bayer, Jr. (Office of Audit, Philadelphia Audit Division); Kitt Winter (Office of Audit, Data Analysis and Technology Audit Division); Bertha H. Richardson (Office of Investigations, Fugitive Enforcement Division); Juan F. Riberas (Office of Investigations, Strategic Enforcement Division) - The team planned, designed, trained, communicated, and implemented the new individual performance appraisal system piloted in OIG during the last 4 months of Fiscal Year 2006 and fully implemented PACS for all staff in Fiscal Year 2007.

Eaton County Probate Guardian Team - John J. Keenan, John A. Pollock (Office of Investigations, Chicago Field Division, Detroit Office); Mark D. Bailey (Office of Audit, Kansas City Audit Division); Elizabeth M. Juarez, Nichole C. Purnell (Office of Audit, Chicago Audit Division) - The team's cooperative efforts in the field led to the conviction of a guardian who misused over $97,000 in Social Security benefits intended for 81 beneficiaries.

OIG Fraud Hotline Automated Referral and Response Team - Monica O. Johnson, Bruce L. Daugherty, Belinda J. Robinson (Office of Investigations, Allegation Management Division); Susan E. Moran (Office of Investigations, Manpower and Administration Division); Michael Arbuco, Amy A. Shemenski, Christopher A. Walters (Office of Resource Management, Information Technology Division); Jerrod A. Hinton (Office of Audit, Policy Planning and Technical Services Division) - The outstanding efforts and cooperation of the team resulted in the successful design and implementation of an automated process for referring and responding to allegations received by the Fraud Hotline.

Congressional Response Report Team: Accuracy of SSA's Numident File - Kimberly A. Byrd, Theresa A. Roberts, Lauren A. Butts, Charles A. Lober (Office of Audit, Birmingham Audit Division); Shane M. Henley (Office of Audit, Atlanta Audit Division); N. Brennan Kraje (Office of Audit, Policy Planning and Technical Services Division); H. Douglas Cunningham (Immediate Office of the Inspector General) - In response to a Congressional request to assess the accuracy of certain Numident data relied on by the Basic Pilot program, the team identified Numident errors that may result in incorrect feedback to employers attempting to verify employee information. The team identified an estimated 17.8 million Numident records that contained discrepancies and approximately 616,000 number holders listed as foreign-born U.S. citizens in SSA's records who were not actually U.S. citizens.

Oregon Disability Determination Services Appeal Team - James J. Klein, Joseph I. Robleto, Timothy E. Meinholz, Daniel L. Hoy (Office of Audit, San Francisco Audit Division); David C. Rodriguez (Office of the Chief Counsel to the Inspector General) - The Office of Audit found that the Oregon Department of Human Services incorrectly charged indirect costs of approximately $3.9 million to SSA programs and filed a request for reconsideration. Working with SSA's Office of General Counsel, the team provided an analysis that demonstrated why the audit findings should be sustained. As a result of the team's efforts, the Commissioner of Social Security sustained the OIG audit findings.

Congratulations to all on these outstanding accomplishments!

Support for OIG Employees Serving Overseas

We would like to recognize the past and ongoing contributions of our employees to the military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Special Agent Joseph VellingSpecial Agent Joseph Velling of the Seattle Office is stationed at Bagram Airfield, which is 40 miles north of Kabul, Afghanistan. The airfield sits in a mountainous valley located 5,000 feet above sea level and surrounded by mountain ranges. Part of Joe's job as the Base Staff Judge Advocate is to conduct legal reviews of humanitarian assistance provided by the United States to the Afghan people. Joe has also helped rescue people from landslides resulting from flooding caused by winter thaw and rain, and he has also helped repair bridges, dams, and roads. Joe is thankful that he is in a "relatively safe" location, and is amazed at the sacrifices made by servicemen and women who spend weeks in the mountains, in dangerous situations and deprived of basic comforts and conveniences. We want to thank Joe for his bravery and service!

Special Agent Mike Clemens of the Milwaukee Office was ordered to active duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in December 2003. Mike served as the Master Sergeant in charge of military Police Operations for the 330th Military Police Detachment (Law and Order), an Army Reserve unit based out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Mike was deployed to Kuwait in March 2004, and then sent to Mosul, Iraq.

In Mosul, Mike supervised all Iraqi law enforcement recruiting and training for Northern Iraq. In July 2004, he was contacted by Army leadership in Baghdad, and within days, was selected as the only Special Investigator assigned directly to the Abu Ghraib Detainee Abuse Prosecution Team. Mike spent 9 months detailed to III Corps Headquarters under Major General Metz. He interviewed victims, witnesses, and suspects in Iraq, Kuwait, Germany and the United States, and testified in two trials related to the prison abuses. For his work on the case, Mike received the Meritorious Service Medal, and was nominated for the Legion of Merit. He returned to his OIG position in May 2005. We want to extend our thanks and congratulations to Mike for his accomplishments.

Special Agent Manuel Rivera of the Puerto Rico office was mobilized with the U.S. Army to Friedberg, Germany in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the Criminal Law Section for various bases in Germany. His duties included preparing affidavits, wills, power-of-attorney documents, and insurance documents on behalf of soldiers serving in Iraq. On March 28, 2007, Manny successfully completed his mission and received the Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. We want to extend our thanks and congratulations to Manny for his service and safe return.

Help Fight Fraud SSA OIG Fraud Hotline Stats

From June 25 - June 29, 2007, the SSA OIG Fraud Hotline received 838 allegations.

For the fiscal year, through June 30, 2007, the Hotline has received a total of 33,511 allegations.

Our website provides guidelines for reporting fraud and a way to submit an allegation to our Fraud Hotline. For more information, visit

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