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Division of Discretionary Programs (DDP)

DDP Organization

DDP is made up of three branches, Science and Regulatory Affairs Branch, Social Services Branch, and the OS Budget and Services and Supply Fund Branch.

The Science and Regulatory Affairs Branch has responsibility for budget and performance for FDA, CDC, NIH AHRQ, Bioterrorism, Emergency Preparedness, Pandemic Flu, and Health IT.

The Public Health and Social Services Branch has responsibility for HRSA, IHS, SAMHSA, ACF, AoA, the Commissioned Corps, and rural health, homelessness, and HIV/AIDS issues.

The OS Budget and SSF Branch manages the Service and Supply fund, reviews and analyzes the budgets of the Staff Divisions funded by the General Departmental Management appropriation, the Office of Inspector General, and the Office of Civil Rights, and issues funding allocations for the Office of the Secretary.

  • Director- Norris Cochran
    • Phone.......: 202-690-7846
    • Fax..........: 202-690-6896
    • E-mail.......:
    • Location....: 200 Indepedence Ave SW, Room 529G, Washington, DC 20201

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Last Updated: April 3, 2008


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