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United States Department of Health & Human Services

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Division of Health Benefits and Income Support (HBIS)

HBIS Organization

HBIS consists of two branches. The Health and Family Support Branch has responsibility for budget and performance for Medicaid; SCHIP; TANF; Foster Care; Adoption Assistance; Independent Living; Child Support; and Child Care.

The Medicare and Program Management Branch has responsibility for Medicare Hospital Insurance and Supplemental Medical Insurance Programs, QIOs/Quality, CMS IT Spending, Medicare Contractors, Medicare Integrity Program, HCFAC, Medicare Durable Medical Equipment, DME Federal Administration, HIPAA, Medicare Survey & Certification, Medicare Prescription Drugs, Medicare Managed Care, Beneficiary Education, and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Program.

  • Director- Cheryl McMillen
    • Phone.......: 202-690-6553
    • Fax..........: 202-690-6896
    • E-mail.......:
    • Location....: 200 Indepedence Ave SW, Room 529G, Washington, DC 20201

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Last Updated: December 7, 2006


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