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Division of Budget Policy, Execution & Review (BPER)

BPER Organization

There are three branches in BPER: the Budget and Performance Coordination Branch, the Congressional Liaison &Administration Branch, and the Budget Formulation and Execution Branch.

The Budget and Performance Integration Coordination Branch (BPICB) coordinates the Office of Budget's PMA responsibilities as well as other Budget and Performance Integration (BPI) efforts. These include PART, efficiency measures, compliance with the Government Performance and Results Act, and preparation of budget documents.

The Congressional Liaison & Administration Branch (CLAB) tracks and reports on appropriations and budget-related legislation, serves as an Office of Budget point of contact with Appropriations staff, coordinates preparation for the Secretary's appropriations and budget-related hearings, and manages Congressional information requests.

The Budget Formulation and Execution Branch (BFEB) manages budget formulation and execution processes. This branch provides the technical budgeting expertise needed to formulate and justify requests and execute appropriations. BFEB maintains all Department-wide budget tables, coordinates the submission of budget justifications, manages cross-cutting budget data collections, and carries out Department-wide budget execution functions.

  • Director- Andy Baldus
    • Phone.......: 202-205-8185
    • Fax.........: 202-690-6896
    • E-mail......:
    • Location....: 200 Indepedence Ave SW, Room 529G, Washington, DC 20201

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Last Updated: April 3, 2008


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