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Prescription Drug Plan

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Prescription Drug Coverage

Everyone with Medicare, regardless of income, health status, or prescription drugs used, can get prescription drug coverage.

Basic Information
Basic information about Medicare prescription drug coverage, what it is, who can get it, when you can get it, how you can get it and why you should get it.

Things to Consider
Information about how to look at the cost, coverage, and other important factors of Medicare drug coverage when selecting a plan that meets your needs.

Common Situations
To help you get started thinking about Medicare drug coverage, find the situation that describes you and find out what you need to do.

Landscape of Local Plans

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder
An interactive tool that allows you to narrow your search for a Medicare prescription drug plan based on your personal preferences such as cost, drugs covered and participating pharmacies.

Formulary (Drug) Finder
You enter the drugs you use. This interactive tool finds plans in your area whose formularies cover those drugs.

Enrollment Center
Use this tool to join the Medicare drug plan you've selected.

View, print or order Medicare publications.

Other Resources

Information and tools for people and organizations assisting those with Medicare who are considering Medicare prescription drug coverage.

Additional Medicare Drug Plan Details for Partners
Download lists of all National plans, all Stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans and their 2007 Regional Low-Income Premium Subsidy Amounts, and all Medicare Advantage and Other Medicare Health Plans.

Press Releases
This links to the full Medicare & Medicaid release database. To find news releases about the prescription drug plan enter "prescription plan" in search box.

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