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Estimated Values of Magnetic Field Properties

This form computes the estimated values of Earth's magnetic field, including magnetic declination (D), based on the current International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF). While results are typically accurate to 30 minutes of arc, users should be aware that solar storms can cause intense, short-term disturbances in the magnetic field.

If you are unsure about your city's latitude and longitude, look it up online! In the USA try entering your zip code in the box below or visit the U.S. Gazetteer. Outside the USA try the Getty Thesaurus.
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Enter Bounding Coordinates: (latitude 90S to 90N, longitude 180W to 180E). For decimal degrees, enter the number as is (i.e. 45.508). For degrees, minutes, seconds enter space separated fields (i.e. 45 30 29).
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Step size:

Start Date (1900-2010):
  Year: Month (1-12): Day (1-31):

End Date (same as starting date for a single day) (1900-2010):
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For multiple years, enter step size in years:

Elevation (0-600 km):

Magnetic component: D(eclination)   I(nclination)   X   Y   Z   H(orizontal Intensity)   F (Total Intensity)

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