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Pregnancy-planning Education Program

Planning to get pregnant?

Learn what you need to know now to have a safe pregnancy and healthy baby.   CDC has a new online education program available for women who are planning to get pregnant.

By going to, and enrolling, you can receive health information via email every other week for 3 months as you prepare for pregnancy. 

CDC, other federal agencies, and medical societies have developed email-based education programs that are offered through the Interactive Health Record (iHealthRecord), located online at

A couple thinking about pregnancy

You can sign up for CDC’s pregnancy-planning education program by

1. Logging onto
2. Signing up for a free iHealthRecord.
3. Going to the "Education Programs" page.
4. Checking the box next to “Pregnancy Planning: What To Know About Your Health Before You Get Pregnant”.

The iHealthRecord was developed and is managed by Medem, a secure patient-physician communication network; the American Medical Association; and other U.S. medical societies and organizations. It is not a part of CDC or any other federal agency.  If you would like to see a copy of the information CDC contributed to the iHealthRecord preconception eHealth education program or learn more about this education method, please contact Katie Kilker at

The information in the “Pregnancy Planning: What To Know About Your Health Before You Get Pregnant” education program was written by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide health education messages to the public. Medem, Inc. is a separate entity, and CDC is not responsible for its general policies or activities, or the products of its investors.
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