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Does HHS/NIH fund embryonic stem cell research?


Research on human embryonic stem cell lines may receive HHS/NIH funding if the cell line meets the following criteria:

  • Removal of cells from the embryo must have been initiated before August 9, 2001, when the President outlined this policy
  • The embryo from which the stem cell line was derived must no longer have had the possibility of developing further as a human being.

Other requirements:

  • The embryo must have been created for reproductive purposes, but no longer be needed for them.
  • Informed consent must have been obtained from the parent(s) for the donation of the embryo.
  • No financial inducements for donation are allowed.

To ensure that federal funds are used to support only stem cell research that is scientifically sound, legal, and ethical, NIH examines stem cell lines and maintains a Stem Cell Registry of lines that satisfy the criteria.


Last Updated: 5/1/2008