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Marine Geophysical Data

Downloadable Digital Marine Seismic Reflection Data

seismic data index cruise GS7903 Univ of Texas, FM0105 USGS OFR80-624, ECT14-17, and ECST9-10 USGS L6-80-BS Lines 9-21 MMS Permits 77-25, 77-33 and 78-07 L479SC, USGS OFR83-593 USGS L6-78-AR MMS Permits 75-08,09 and 17 USGS Cookline, Cook Inlet
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Surveys Available: Cookline, ECST9-10, ECT14-17, FM0105, GS7903, L479SC, L6-78-AR, L6-80-BS,
MMS Permit 75-08, MMS Permit 75-09, MMS Permit 75-17, MMS Permit 75-43, MMS Permit 77-25, MMS Permit 77-33, MMS Permit 78-07.