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GSA through the Energy Center of Expertise reduces federal utility costs by promoting optimal energy use. Resources are offered to all federal agencies and non-profit organizations.

GSA brings value to organizations by offering strategic energy management programs that result in increased net operating income and enhanced asset value of real properties.

Customers look to GSA to procure utilities that are both cost-effective and environmentally responsible. GSA also partners with investor owned utility companies, national associations and non-profit environmental organizations to disseminate information on energy related issues. To facilitate the mission, GSA has created a worldwide website that provides:

  • Areawide contracts for the procurement of utilities and for the acquisition of value-added services such as utility financing of energy conservation projects;
  • Aggregate purchasing of natural gas and electricity in deregulated markets;
  • Energy usage and analysis data;
  • Advocacy in the public policy arena to include renewable power sources as part of our energy portfolio; and
  • Program advocacy on a national level with OMB, Congress, and other federal agencies.

The Public Utilities program is a multi-disciplinary team whose mission is to provide leadership within the federal government with regard to developing contracting vehicles that enable customers to procure utility services at the lowest cost to the taxpayer and the greatest value to American citizens. Its services cover the procurement of electricity, natural gas, water, and sewage services. Current emphasis is on the positioning of the government to take advantage of potential cost savings which may be possible upon the restructuring of the electric industry initiatives which are currently underway at the state and federal level.

The Natural Gas Acquisition program is a new program specializing in providing federal facilities with natural gas supply and supply management. Utilities specialists monitor energy resource needs on behalf of its federal customers. They manage and guide facilities through each phase, including:

  • Negotiating for the best transportation rate with local gas companies;
  • Administering energy supply procurements; and
  • Validating the invoices from local gas distribution companies and gas suppliers.

The Energy and Water Management program is responsible for the utility use and cost data in all GSA buildings nationwide. The program's staff reviews and processes approximately 5,500 utility bills monthly, the total cost of which is over $250,000,000 annually.