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Job Announcement Terminology

Job announcements at the CDC are announced on-line through HHS Careers. A description of each field in the job announcement is provided.

Overview Tab

Job title (e.g., Public Health Advisor, Epidemiologist, Accountant, etc.)

Salary Range - Includes the low and high salary range for each grade (e.g., GS-05) level. The salary may be expressed as annual (per year) or hourly.

Series and Grade: Includes the pay plan, series, and grade level (e.g., GS-0685-12)

Promotion Potential – Identifies the highest grade level to which you could be promoted in this position without having to reapply.

Who May Be Considered - Identifies who may be considered for the position. The options are:

Open Period - The date the job announcement is open to receive applications.

Position Information – Identifies the duration and work schedule of the job.

Job Summary – Identifies the organizational location of the position and a summary of the duties and responsibilities of the job. Additional job requirements may be listed in this section.

Key Requirements – Identifies critical requirements of this specific job announcement. Additional requirements may be listed in the Job Summary. Read the information carefully.

Duties Tab

Identifies the major duties and responsibilities of the position and additional duty location information.

Qualifications and Evaluation Tab

This section includes the:

Common terms that typically appear in this tab are:

Basic Qualifications or Minimum Qualification Requirements

For some jobs, you can qualify based on

Some jobs have a required education level and experience level that you must have to qualify.

Selective Factor

How You Will be Evaluated

This section provides a description of how your application will be evaluated. Your experience, education, awards, performance appraisals/evaluations, training, self-development, and responses to the assessment and core questions are evaluated and rated based on the requirements of the position.

Benefits and Other Information Tab

This tab identifies benefits available to federal employees and other critical position information. Read the information carefully.

How to Apply Tab

This tab provides:

Read all the information and follow all instructions carefully. Failure to follow the instructions may result in your not being considered for the position.

Other Common Terms

Bargaining Unit

This statement identifies whether the position is represented by a recognized union.

Probationary/Trial Period Requirements

This statement describes the requirement to serve a probationary or trial period.

Promotion Potential

Identifies the highest grade to which you could be promoted without further competition. For jobs with promotion potential, promotions may occur, at management’s discretion, after you have:

For example, a position advertised at the GS-11 level with promotion potential to the GS-13 level means that you would be eligible for promotion to the GS-12 level, assuming acceptable level of performance, at the end of your first year of employment. Once promoted to the GS-12 level, you would be eligible for promotion to the GS-13 level at the end of a year assuming acceptable level of performance.


Content Source: Atlanta Human Resources Center (AHRC)
Page last modified: 10/30/2006