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March 1984, Vol. 107, No. 3



New occupational data improve replacement estimates
Allan Eck
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (724K)

Occupational reclassification and distribution by gender
N.F. Rytina and S. Bianchi
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (684K)

Japan's low unemployment: an in-depth analysis
Constance Sorrentino
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (1,040K)

Helping labor and a firm set up a quality-of-worklife plan
Michael Maccoby
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (461K)

Productivity gains in switchgear industry slow after 1973
A.S. Herman and P.F. Otto
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (407K)


CPS response variation: caveats for unemployment analysts (PDF 722K)
J.M. Poterba and L.H. Summers

Work-related deaths in 1982 (PDF 282K)
Janet Macon

More U.S. workers are college graduates (PDF 410K)
A.M. Young and H. Hayghe

Pay in Mountain region coal mines outstrips national average (PDF 412K)
Norma W. Carlson

High wages earned in the paper industries (PDF 269K)
David Larson


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