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August 1985, Vol. 108, No. 8



Employment rose in first half as recovery entered its third year
Susan E. Shank
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (593K)

Recent trends in unemployment and the labor force, 10 countries
Joyanna T. Moy
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (1,649K)

Revised worklife tables reflect 1979-80 experience
Shirley J. Smith
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (736K)

The FMCS contribution to nonlabor dispute resolution
Jerome T. Barrett
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (428K)


Modeling Army enlistment supply for the All-Volunteer Force (PDF 518K)
David K. Horne

Incorporating March 1984 employment benchmarks (PDF 280K)
John B. Farrell

Employment problems and their effect on family income, 1979-83 (PDF 389K)
Ellen Sehgal

ILO examines impact of technology on worker safety and health (PDF 206K)
Tadd Linsenmayer


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Research summaries
Foreign labor developments
Major agreements expiring next month
Developments in industrial relations
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