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May 1982, Vol. 105, No. 5



Wage increases in 1981
Arthur Sackley
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (533K)

The Employment Cost Index: recent trends and expansion
Beth Levin
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (488K)

Time rates tighten their grip on manufacturing industries
Norma W. Carlson
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (988K)

White-collar pay levels linked to corporate work force size
M.E. Personick and C.B. Barsky
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (556K)


Recording the CPI and the PCE Deflator: 4th quarter 1981 (PDF 204K)
J.A. Bunn and J.E. Triplett

Productivity declines in 1980 in most industries measured (PDF 336K)
Arthur S. Herman

Estimation procedures for the Employment Cost Index (PDF 202K)
G. Donald Wood, Jr.

Solidarity's proposals for reforming Poland's economy (PDF 401K)
Horst Brand

Workers on long schedules, single and multiple jobholders (PDF 619K)
D.E. Taylor and E.S. Sekscenski

Marital and family patterns of workers: an update (PDF 422K)
Howard Hayghe


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