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Forest Health in Oregon and Washington

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Forest Health Monitoring website

Specific Insects, Diseases, or Weeds:

Citrus Longhorn Beetle   Douglas-fir Tussock Moth    Invasive Species 
Port-Orford-Cedar Root Disease    Sudden Oak Death 

Forest Health Reports: Oregon & Washington

Forest Health Highlights for Oregon and Washington

2007: Oregon (pdf; 2.9 MB)
            Washington (pdf; 3.6 MB)
2006: Oregon (html) or pdf (3.3 MB)
2005: Oregon (html) or pdf (2.5 MB)
2004: Oregon (html) or pdf (1.9 MB)
2003: Oregon (html) or pdf (2.3 MB)
            Washington (html)
2002:  Alaska (html) or pdf (3.2 MB)
            California (html) or pdf (243 K)
            Oregon (html) or pdf (2.5 MB)
            Washington (html) or pdf (2.1 MB)
2001:  Oregon (html) or pdf (4.2 MB)
            Washington (html) or pdf (1.1 MB)
2000:  Oregon & Washington (html) or pdf (887 K)
1999:  Oregon & Washington (html) or pdf (1.0 MB)
1998:  Oregon & Washington (html) or pdf (980 K)

Forest Insect & Disease Conditions Reports

1998 to present:

1998: html or pdf
1999: html or pdf
2000: html or pdf
2001: html or pdf
2002: html or pdf
2003: html or pdf
2004: html or pdf
2005: html or pdf
2006: html or pdf


1933 to 1997 (all .pdf):


related historical documents

National Forest Health Information

Forest Health Monitoring website

Some reports are available in two formats: html is best for viewing on a monitor, and pdf is best for printing. To view pdf documents, you need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program.

This webpage was last updated on September 17, 2008.

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