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April 1981, Vol. 104, No. 4



Price changes in 1980: double-digit inflation persists
Craig Howell, Dave Callahan, and others
(PDF 943K)

Labor and the Supreme Court: significant decisions of 1979-80
Gregory J. Mounts
(PDF 1,049K)

The negative income tax: would it discourage work?
Robert A. Moffitt
(PDF 446K)

Education, on-the-job training, and the black-white earnings gap
Daniel E. Taylor
(PDF 1,048K)

Measuring wage dispersion: pay ranges reflect industry traits
Carl B. Barsky and Martin E. Personick
(PDF 753K)


Estimating the demographic mix of the available labor force
Joseph L. Gastwirth
(PDF 798K)

Productivity slows or drops in more than half of industries measured
Arthur S. Herman
(PDF 786K)

Migration of the unemployed: a relocation assistance program
Charles F. Mueller
(PDF 300K)


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