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RadTown USA

RadTown USA

Enter RadTown USA!*

Explore this interactive, virtual community of houses, schools, laser light shows, construction equipment, flying planes, and moving trains. Each place in RadTown helps you learn about radiation sources or radiation- treated items you might find there.

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Radiation is natural and all around us. It can be man-made too. But it's nothing new. It is, quite simply, part of our lives. RadTown USA is a virtual community showing a wide variety of radiation sources and uses as you may encounter them in everyday life.

Each RadTown location highlights a particular radiation issue that you might encounter in your everyday life:

Information is organized in a series of easily understood fact sheets with links to more in-depth information.

Basic Information
Start here for a general overview of radiation, how radiation enters the environment and is used in communities, and the role EPA and others play in radiation protection.

RadTown USA Topics
Learn about the sources of radiation that surround us through this collection of fact sheets organized by topics such as personal exposure, natural radiation, and others.

RadTown USA Fact Sheets: A to Z
Locate a specific fact sheet in this alphabetical listing of the titles.

Find radiation-related terms that you may encounter in the RadTown USA fact sheets.

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