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Monthly Labor Review Online

June 1981, Vol. 104, No. 6



Unions implementing managerial techniques
Lois S. Gray
(PDF 1,107K)

Inflation cross-currents: energy, food, and homeownership
David Callahan, Andrew Clem, and John Wetmore
(PDF 660K)

The Employment Cost Index in 1980: a first look at total compensation
Patricia B. Smith
(PDF 1,064K)

The puzzling lag in southern earnings
George D. Stamas
(PDF 950K)


Can the Current Population Survey be used to identify the disabled?
Philip Rones
(PDF 208K)

The CPS, work, and disability: a reply
Barbara L. Wolfe
(PDF 201K)

Productivity drops, output and hours rise during the fourth quarter
Lawrence J. Fulco
(PDF 271K)

A new leading index of employment and unemployment
Geoffrey H. Moore
(PDF 258K)

Work experience of the population in 1979; Wages in meatpacking and prepared meat products plants, May 1979; Cost of living indexes for Americans living abroad
(PDF 678K)


Labor month in review
Productivity reports
Technical note
Research summaries
Major agreements expiring next month
Developments in industrial relations
Book reviews
Current labor statistics

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