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December 2001, Vol. 124, No.12



Labor productivity in the retail trade industry, 1987–99
Mark Sieling, Brian Friedman, and Mark Dumas
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (74K)

Implementing the North American Industry Classification System at BLS
James A. Walker and John B. Murphy
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (46K)

A first look at employment and wages using NAICS
David R. H. Hiles
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (66K)

New tools for labor market analysis: JOLTS
Kelly A. Clark and Rosemary Hyson
Abstract | Excerpt | Full text in PDF (41K)


Labor month in review
Commentary—Average age of retirement
At issue—Who's affected by slowing economy
Publications received
Current labor statistics (PDF 476K)
Index to volume 124

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