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Since 1971, Mr. Folsom has been a Foreign Affairs Specialist with the U. S. Department of Commerce. He has received acclaim for his work in international fisheries with NOAA, winning two Departmental team bronze medals and the NOAA Administrator's Award for his contributions.

Mr. Folsom spent nearly four years in Casablanca, Morocco, as the U. S. State Department Regional Fisheries Attache for Africa, and for many years, he has been NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service authority on Canadian, European and African fisheries. He has also been a contributing author to such books as World Salmon Aquaculture, World Fishing Fleets, and World Swordfish Fisheries.

A photographer for over twenty years, Mr. Folsom has built a private collection of more than 45,000 slides on a wide variety of subjects. His photographs have appeared on almost eighty magazine covers and in close to one hundred books. Most recently, he served as director of photography for a major NOAA book on American fisheries, archiving more than 12,000 of his slides for subsequent use by the Federal Government and the public.

Many of these images are available in the NOAA Photo Library, in particular in the America's Fisheries database and the America's Coastline database. Mr. Folsom is currently involved in a photo-essay on the nation's coastal fisheries habitats.

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