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Carol Askren Baldwin has worked for NOAA for over 20 years, beginning with the National Ocean Service Photogrammetry Branch in 1972 as a secretary.

In 1990, after two breaks in service to work in private industry and for the birth of her son, she joined the Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO), formerly the Office of NOAA Corps Operations, as secretary to the Deputy Director and then the Director.

After more than 25 years as a secretary, a few years each as a research assistant, a bookkeeper and a tax preparer, Carol is currently a program support assistant for OMAO. As a program support assistant, she works on OMAO's Web site, displays and brochures. She is also known to strongly (& often) encourage OMAO employees to submit pictures from the ships and aircraft for both her use and NOAA's Photo Library Collection.

Carol's interest in photography began in the late '60's with her father's Argus camera and the Time-Life book series on photography. After a long break from taking pictures beyond those of her son, Matthew, her interest in photography picked up again last year with the purchase of a digital camera, a new direction in her job working with graphics, and the need for some background images.

Although the main subject for her pictures today is her flowers and occasionally the sky, Carol took a lot of scenery and driftwood pictures of her favorite part of the country last summer - the Pacific Northwest. Carol was born in Seattle and, after her family moved to Maryland, she goes back to the Northwest as often as she can.

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