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Meet the Photographers -  Steve Nicklas

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Steve Nicklas is a Senior Aerial Photographer with NOAA's National Geodetic Survey Remote Sensing Division. Steve earned a B. A. in History from St. Mary's College of Maryland in 1989.

As an Aerial Photographer, Steve's work entails the collecting of aerial photography in support of "Mapping the Coastal Zone" and "Airport Surveying and Mapping" for the National Geodetic Survey. He has flown mostly aboard the NOAA Citation jet aircraft using Leica Wild RC-30 and RC-10 cameras to acquire color negative and infrared coastal photography throughout the United States and its territories. In addition, Steve used a Leica Wild RC-10 and RC-8 to collect panchromatic photography aboard NOAA's Honeywell Turbo Commander used in producing airport obstruction charting information for the Federal Aviation Administration.

A native of Potomac, Maryland, Steve's interest in local history has led him to become a Civil War Reenactor. Using his photography skills, he also spends time restoring old photos for family and friends. Steve's volunteer work in the NOAA Library combines his interest in history and photography as it involves archival photography of many of the plates and images in the NOAA Rare Book collection. Steve and his colleague, Sean Linehan, are responsible for the photography on "The Treasures of the NOAA Central Library" album and collection. Much of his free time is also spent doing volunteer work in the Emergency Room of Suburban Hospital in Bethesda.

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