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Meet the Photographers -  Richard B. Mieremet

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Prior to working for NOAA, Ben was a seasonal Ranger-Naturalist with the National Park Service for three years while pursuing a B.S. degree in conservation and resource management at the University of Maryland.

After obtaining an M.S. in water resources management from the University of Michigan in 1974, Ben came to work for the Office of Coastal Zone Management (now the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management) through a two-year exchange program from the Great Lakes Basin Commission. He worked in coastal management for 25 years filling different positions and responsibilities, all of which have given him the opportunity for extensive travel around the U.S. and the world while holding the "best" job in the Federal government.

His positions have included working on regional management teams in the Pacific and Great Lakes states, as the NEPA Compliance Coordinator and the Natural Hazards and Technical Assistance Coordinator, a Senior Policy Analyst, and an International Affairs Specialist in which he spent three years developing a bi-national Red Sea Marine Peace Park as part of the peace process between Israel and Jordan and helped to start up the International Coral Reef Initiative.

Ben has served on a number of interagency committees including wetlands evaluations, flood plain management, hurricane preparedness, as a member of Presidential declared disaster teams, on the Presidents Task Force on Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing and Exploration, and as a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change where he coauthored a common methodology for conducting vulnerability assessments to future accelerated sea-level rise impacts related to potential climate change scenarios. This allowed him to travel extensively throughout the Pacific Islands to provide technical and financial assistance in their conduct of climate change studies.

During his career, he has written 14 major environmental impact statements on the approval of state CZM programs, marine sanctuaries, and estuarine research reserves, which taught him early on to take a camera with him whenever he was on assignment and focus mostly on pictures depicting the problem areas to be addressed (i.e., damage to coral, coastal development and shoreline erosion, etc.). Nonetheless, his favorite pictures are sunsets whenever he can capture one. Ben is currently a senior advisor in the Office of Sustainable Development and Intergovernmental Affairs and his pictures now tend to focus on "fishy" aquaculture activities. His main avocation of 34+ years has been serving in the U.S. Army Reserve with exciting assignments in Special Operation Forces and now as a Chief Warrant Officer All-Source Intelligence Analyst which is more to his liking sitting in front of a computer instead of parachuting out of helicopters and sleeping in the woods during the weekends.

His biggest reward working for NOAA was when he as able to represent NOAA and the Department of Commerce at the Naval War College during the 1983-84 Centennial Year celebration in Newport, R.I. While academically challenging (14 papers and 14 exams), it was a year full of great experiences for the family. In a word, working for NOAA is the "best!"

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