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Got a Minute? Give It to Your Kid

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Currently not available for order.

Got a Minute? Give It to Your Kid is a social marketing campaign prepared in 2002 for state and local tobacco control programs.

CDC has created prototype materials, including print ads, radio spots, a presentation, a brochure, and a tent card on a CD within the kit, which is available to order at no cost. State and local tobacco control programs are encouraged to reproduce and disseminate these materials.

All the materials are designed to allow state and local programs to add their own names and logos on each product. This booklet provides you with the ingredients your program will need to initiate and expand all or part of this intervention.

Some Influences on Youth Tobacco Uses - Buying risks, community norms, parents, friends, media, youth culture, securing prom date, school

The Got a Minute? campaign is aimed at less-involved parents—that is, parents who do not currently spend a lot of time with their children. The ads, presentation, and brochure are designed to give those parents what CDC’s research shows they need most—specific ways to spend time and connect with their children. These parents know connecting is important, but sometimes they have trouble making it happen.

The kits contains a profile of the target audience to help program managers place ads and expand the message. Recommendations for reproducing and disseminating the brochure and attracting the media’s attention to this issue also are included.

This campaign supplements the many efforts states and localities are undertaking to reduce youth tobacco use. It is not the only answer. But it should help a key ally and potential supporter—parents—raise children to be less susceptible to the slick images of the tobacco industry.


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