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DOCLINE -- Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS)

Question: What is the Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS)?

The Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) is a transaction-based electronic billing system developed by the University of Connecticut Health Center for ILL and document delivery charges. It has been operational in New England since 1996 and is available at "http://efts.uchc.edu".

All DOCLINE libraries are encouraged to join. DOCLINE provides an EFTS Transaction File Builder to create the transaction file of charges to upload to EFTS for billing borrowers.

The EFTS reduces the need to create invoices and to process reimbursement checks for interlibrary loans between participants. The EFTS provides monthly detailed transaction reports, the ability to handle differential charges (such as additional rush or fax charges), the ability to vary charges to members of special groups, and the ability to handle non-DOCLINE transactions.

The EFTS also:

NLM is committed to working with the University of Connecticut Health Center EFTS staff to expand the system on a national basis to DOCLINE libraries.

The University of Connecticut Health Center has an EFTS FAQ available.

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