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News Releases and Statements For 1996


December 1996

Dec. 11, 1996Fauci: New Findings on Host Factors Illuminate AIDS Pathogenesis
Dec. 6, 1996Study Finds No Gender Difference in Chlamydia Transmission Rates
Dec. 5, 1996Study Implicates Programmed Cell Death in Familial Alzheimer's Disease

November 1996

Nov. 27, 1996New ACTG 076 Analysis Emphasizes Importance of Offering AZT Therapy to All HIV-Infected Pregnant Women
Nov. 20, 1996Group B Strep Vaccine Shows Promise in Clinical Studies
Nov. 14, 1996Inner-City Residents at Risk for Rat-Borne Bacterial Disease

October 1996

Oct. 9, 1996ACTG 175, CPCRA 007 Trial Results Published
Oct. 8, 1996Doherty, Zinkernagel Win Nobel Prize, NIAID News Release

September 1996

Sept. 15, 1996NIAID Funds New Projects to Study Emerging Infectious Diseases

August 1996

Aug. 26, 1996Couples Study in Haiti Shows Reduction in Heterosexual HIV Transmission
Aug. 8, 1996New Insights into AIDS-Associated Skin Disease
Aug. 1, 1996TB Increases HIV Replication in HIV-Infected People
Aug. 1, 1996HIV Prevention Campaign in Thailand Leads to Dramatic Reduction in HIV Infections

July 1996

July 24, 1996New Concept to Improve Live-Attenuated HIV Vaccines
July 18, 1996Scientists Identify Genes Critical to Transmission of Bubonic Plague
July 11, 1996NIAID-Supported Researchers Illuminate 3-D Structure of HIV Protein
July 10, 1996NIAID Study Rules Out High-Dose Clarithromycin for AIDS-Related MAC
July 10, 1996IL-2 Therapy: Encouraging Data on Quality of Life Reported for Immune-Boosting Drug
July 10, 1996Interleukin-2 Injections Produce Dramatic, Sustained Increases in CD4+ T Cell Counts in Patients with Early-Stage HIV Disease
July 9, 1996NIAID Study Finds Initial Intermittent Treatment Effective for HIV-Related TB
July 9, 1996Fluconazole Prevents Yeast Infections in Women with HIV
July 9, 1996A Delicate Balance: Levels of HIV Replication are Strongly Influenced by Interaction of Positive and Negative Host Factors
July 8, 1996AIDS Vaccine Research Highlights

June 1996

June 28, 1996NIAID Awards Contract for Post-Lyme Disease Syndrome Studies
June 19, 1996Studies Shed New Light on Mother-to-Infant HIV Transmission
June 19, 1996NIAID Researchers Identify Second Fusion Cofactor for HIV
June 10, 1996Fauci: Basic and Clinical Research Key to Fighting Emerging Diseases

May 1996

May 23, 1996MACS Study: HIV RNA Levels Predict Clinical Outcome
May 22, 1996Chlamydia Screening May Reduce Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Rates
May 9, 1996NIAID Researchers Identify Cofactor for Entry of HIV into Cells
May 8, 1996Immune System Activation Boosts HIV Replication in HIV-Infected People

April 1996

April 29, 1996Carole Heilman Named DAIDS Associate Director
April 18, 1996Five New Members Named to NIAID Council
April 11, 1996AIDS Virus Reformatted to Shuttle Repair Genes to Diseased Brains
April 1, 1996Gene Therapy Prolongs CD4+ T Cell Survival in HIV-Infected Individuals

March 1996

March 28, 1996Researchers Develop Better Tuberculosis Model
March 28, 1996Genetic Markers May Influence Disease-Free Interval in HIV-Infected People
March 22, 1996Tuberculosis

February 1996

Feb. 12, 1996Fauci to Present NIAID Strategy for HIV Vaccine Development

January 1996

Jan. 28, 1996Anthony S. Fauci to Present New Data on HIV Escape Mechanisms and HIV Suppressor Molecules
Jan. 25, 1996Genetic Clue to Cell Death in Alzheimer's Disease Found, NIAID News Release
Jan. 24, 1996NIAID-Supported Researchers Isolate Bacterium That Causes Potentially Deadly Tick-Borne Disease, NIAID News Release


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