Bioterrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies: Tools and Models for Planning and Preparedness

Community-Based Mass Prophylaxis

A Planning Guide for Public Health Preparedness

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released a report that provides an overview of the five components of a mass prophylaxis response to epidemic outbreaks: surveillance, stockpiling, distribution, dispensing, and followup. Sections focus on planning and conducting dispensing operations using specially-designated dispensing clinics, and on describing the implementation of a comprehensive operational structure for dispensing/vaccination clinics based on the National Incident Management System (NIMS).


Executive Summary

Section 1: Overview of Mass Prophylaxis
   1. Mass Prophylaxis in Context
   2. Overview of Planning For Mass Prophylaxis Using DVCs
Section 2: Fundamentals of Dispensing/Vaccination Clinic Design
   3. DVC Concept of Operations
   4. DVC Design and Patient Flow
   5. DVC Calculations: Estimating Clinic and Staff Numbers
Section 3: From Principles to Practice: Examples of Antibiotic Dispensing and Vaccination Clinic Plans
   6. Example of an Antibiotic Dispensing Clinic Plan
   7. Example of a Vaccination Clinic Plan
Section 4: Clinic Management/Command Structure
   8. Overview of Mass Prophylaxis Command Structure
   9. DVC Command Structure

Figure 1: Elements of a Local Mass Prophylaxis Plan
Figure 2: Command Structure of a Mass Prophylaxis Campaign
Figure 3: Example of an Antibiotic Dispensing Clinic Plan
Figure 4: Example of a Vaccination Clinic Plan
Figure 5: Sample Vaccination Clinic Floor Plan
Figure 6: DVC Command Integration
Figure 7: Model DVC Command Structure

Appendix A. Advisory Board
Appendix B. Thematic Bibliography
Appendix C. Technical Appendix: Modeling DVC Operations

AHRQ Publication No. 04-0044
Current as of August 2004

Internet Citation:

Hupert N, Cuomo J, Callahan MA, Mushlin AI, Morse SS. Community-Based Mass Prophylaxis: A Planning Guide for Public Health Preparedness. AHRQ Publication No. 04-0044, August 2004. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.

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