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The Immunization Safety Office Scientific Agenda

Download the draft ISO Scientific Agenda background document in Microsoft® Word format (289KB) or PDF format (103KB).

In response to a 2005 Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendation* and to guide the Immunization Safety Office's (ISO's) scientific direction, ISO is developing a 5-year ISO Scientific Agenda. During 2007, ISO obtained input from expert scientists through three planned meetings with external expert scientists, federal scientists, and vaccine manufacturers' representatives. ISO has also gathered input from day-to-day partners and CDC experts in vaccine safety.

Download the reports from the meetings:

Who will review the ISO Scientific Agenda?

The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC), Vaccine Safety Working Group will advise on the content and priorities of the ISO Scientific Agenda. To begin this process, the Working Group met for the first time on April 11, 2008 in Washington DC. This meeting was open to the public (read the meeting agenda). NVAC and the National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) will lead the scientific review. CDC will finalize the Agenda and respond to NVAC feedback.

What topics will the ISO Scientific Agenda cover?

The final Agenda will make recommendations for the next 5 years in three scientific areas: vaccine safety research, selected surveillance, and selected clinical guidance activities. The draft Agenda covers topics that are part of ISO's mission, are in ISO's realm to lead, and could be implemented during the next 5 years with infrastructure generally accessible to CDC.

Download the draft recommendations for the ISO Scientific Agenda in Microsoft® Word format (597KB) or PDF format (463KB). Download the draft recommendations addendum in Microsoft® Word format (44KB) or PDF format (40KB).

How will the ISO Scientific Agenda be used?

The chief users of the Agenda will be ISO staff and their day-to-day research and surveillance partners. The Agenda will be useful to all ISO teams as they set priorities for projects in a coordinated manner. It will also serve as a platform to discuss collaborative vaccine safety science activities among ISO and other internal and external partners. Looking forward 5 years after CDC implements this Agenda, we would expect to find that it contributed to advancing the field of vaccine safety science and enhancing public health.

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