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MRC Listservs

One-Way Listserv

The Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps (OCVMRC) offers two types of listserv options. First is a one-way listserv (medicalreservecorps-l), which is used by the OCVMRC to share information on upcoming events, new resources, changes to the Web site, and major announcements. Visit to subscribe or unsubscribe to the one-way listserv.

Two-Way Listserv

The MRC also offers a two-way listserv to allow for those active in the program to share ideas, resources, best practices, and lessons learned. This listserv is conversational and allows for great interaction between units, the OCVMRC, and others involved in the program. All subscribers must review the MRCLeaders-l Rules and Regulations before subscribing.

*If you join this listserv, please unsubscribe from medicalreservecorps-l. Messages from the OCVMRC will be cross-posted on MRCLeaders-l.

Last Updated on 12/12/2007

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