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How to Start an MRC

Getting Started

Because each community is different, we expect each community to approach the task of establishing its MRC unit differently. We have prepared general guidelines covering many key issues to assist you with your planning. You can download a copy of Getting Started: A Guide for Local Leaders (PDF 864 KB). We also offer a Technical Assistance Series covering certain topics in greater depth:

  • Organizing an MRC Unit: Operational Components and the Coordinator's Role
  • Coordinating With Your Local Response Partners
  • Developing Volunteer Relationships and Capabilities
  • Establishing and Maintaining Your MRC Unit's Organization

Registering Your MRC Unit

Registering your MRC unit will allow you to request technical assistance from the Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps (OCVMRC), apply for use of the official MRC logo, and be included in national MRC conferences. Your registered unit also will be officially recognized as part of the White House's USA Freedom Corps initiative and the Department of Homeland Security's Citizen Corps. In return, we will expect you to be an active member of the MRC "community" by participating and sharing information on the MRC Listserv or at MRC meetings. Regular updates of your unit profile, volunteer numbers, and recent activities also are requested.

Registering is Easy. If you are a registered user of the MRC Web site, log in to the system at the Login Page, and select the “Register New Unit” link on the User Menu. If you are not a registered user, set up an account at User Registration, and continue to “Register New MRC Unit.” Your application will be reviewed by the OCVMRC staff in consultation with state and regional coordinators. You will be contacted to clarify, and perhaps expand, on the information you provided. If your registration request is approved, you will be added to our online directory. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail

Please Note: If your MRC unit is already found on the list of registered MRC units, you do not need to register again.

MRC Registration Criteria 

The OCVMRC is committed to helping establish a strong, viable national network of local MRC units. In order to be approved for initial registration, and to continue that registration status, MRC units must continually meet the unit registration criteria outlined below. These registration criteria encompass the basic and fundamental principles necessary to successfully implement and administer an MRC. These criteria serve as a baseline that allows the OCVMRC to monitor and evaluate initial and ongoing efforts of individual MRC units.

Last Updated on 7/28/2008

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