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About Stay in Circulation

Stay in Circulation Week

Stay in Circulation Week is an annual observance that occurs during the third week of September. Stay in Circulation Week events and activities at the community level, combined with year-round P.A.D. outreach, are key to raising awareness of P.A.D. and bringing the national Stay in Circulation campaign to life in communities nationwide.

  • Stay in Circulation Week 2008 September 15-19
  • Stay in Circulation Week 2009 September 14-18

Stay in Circulation Week activities prompt Americans to:

  • Learn about P.A.D.
  • Talk to their health care providers about P.A.D.
  • Explore the campaign web site,, for information, including questions to ask their health care providers
  • Support P.A.D. screenings and other campaign related events in their community

In observance of Stay in Circulation Week 2006 and 2007, the campaign supported screening events in markets across the country in cooperation with member organizations of the P.A.D. Coalition. The screenings were conducted by hospitals or other medical facilities, which received assistance coordinating event logistics, complementary Stay in Circulation materials, and media outreach support. Sites were also encouraged to host additional events as part of their overall P.A.D. education program.

In 2006, eight screening sites in three markets participated in the coordinated effort, screening hundreds of people. In 2007, the campaign expanded to support an even broader, more integrated effort, resulting in 19 screening sites across five markets, reaching nearly 2,000 people.

Extensive media coverage was received both years, raising awareness of P.A.D. even further.

Get Involved with the Campaign
The Community Action Tool Kit serves as a resource for campaign partners to support Stay in Circulation activities.  It includes event ideas, media tips, and customizable resources to support your efforts to raise P.A.D. awareness.

Download the Community Action Tool Kit

Join us! Find Out How You Can Become a Campaign Partner Stay in Circulation partners participate in the campaign in a variety of ways—from hosting P.A.D. screenings to distributing Stay in Circulation campaign materials.  All of our partners are part of the national effort to help Americans learn about P.A.D.