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Fall 2002 Vol. 46, Number 3

New and emerging occupations

Something old, something new, something better...perhaps something for you. Here’s how new occupations develop.


What’s the next hot career field? Are fuel cell techni-
cians and chief privacy officers here to stay? Which unusual jobs are ready for a growth spurt? 

People ask questions like these hoping to learn about an entirely new occupation or some small, overlooked career that is poised for a breakthrough. And it’s no wonder they ask.

Workers who join an occupation at its start often are rewarded with exciting work, high earnings, and the chance to shape a profession. 

But recognizing the difference between a passing fad and a stable career can be tricky, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) makes no projections in that regard. Read on to learn how new and emerging occupations develop, why they are hard to identify, what risks and rewards vanguard workers face, and how to find a cutting-edge job.

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Last Updated: March 04, 2003