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Fall 2005 Vol. 49, Number 3

Career myths and how to debunk them

You might think you know, but you could be wrong. Don’t be a victim of your own misconceptions. Here’s how to uncover the truth about careers.

Most people make assumptions about careers. Often, these assumptions are based on impressions they get from their relatives and friends, from television drama and reality shows, and from workers and jobs that they see in their daily lives. 

Impressions are a good place to start because they help people identify possible careers. But they show only a small portion of reality, or worse: No reality at all. That’s when career impressions become career myths.

Some myths are easily dismissed; others interfere with your ability to develop career goals (see the box, “Career myths that stop people cold,” on page 5). Expand your career options and uncover the truth about each career. Reality tools—including statistics, expert advice, and real-world experiences—can supply the facts.

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Last Updated: December 7, 2005